Landscape Park Mariëndaal, Arnhem

Mariëndaal is part of ‘Arnhem’s Buiten’, a park located at the former KEMA-site, on the border between the municipalities of Arnhem and Renkum. At this historical site new businesses and residential developments are planned. One of this developments is a new office building for Tennet, one Arnhems important employers.

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In coöperation with H+N+S Landscape Architects, BOOM made a design for a business and leisure landscape park with 230 parking spaces on ground level. Integrating of both the building volume as the parking spaces in the landscape, the existing open meadows and vistas of the surrounding area are maintained and strengthened. The surrounding forest and its dominance over the new building is retained. The height of the building remains below the treetops.

A newly designed trail system that connects to the public paths, a balanced planting system, a pavilion and dramatized elevations make Mariëndaal part of the public realm of Arnhem.
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Location: Arnhem, The Netherlands
In collaboration: H+N+S Landschapsarchitecten, GroupA
Client: BGB (BAM, Giesbers, TCN)
Start design: 2009
Completed: 2013