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Town Zaun Traum

The project ‘Tuin Town Zaun’ brings dreams for the city to life. In the different rooms of apartment #146, ideals for space, city and garden are reinterpreted. Etymologically, Garden, Town and Zaun have the same origin. The citywalls, the intimacy of the living room and the garden gate have a direct relationship in sense of ‘enclosure’. The Bijlmer is built with an idealistic vision for the city without enclosed spaces; The endless facades of the Bijlmerflats are in rhythm and scale part of the landscape.


Apartment 146 is equipped with a laboratory in wich all the stereotypes of the Bijlmer plants, both in front and behind the curtains of the houses, were collected. A symbolic staircase of lace curtain turns the pure design of the horizontal and separated layers and functions of the Bijlmer appartment, into a suggestion of vertical connection. The master bedroom has a double bed of orchids and in the study, exotic plants turn the room into surrealistic greenery. In all the enclosed spaces a perspective illusion was created. Apartment 146 is a reference to our ideal city, where a mix of cultures are an infinite source of innovation, exchange and inspiration. A place where new dreams may arise about the future of the Bijlmer beyond the existing framework and fence


Location: Kleiburgflat Bijlmer, Amsterdam
In cooperation with: Atelier byBali
Client: Bureau M.E.S.T.
Start: 2012
Build: 2012
Status: Cleared
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