Park Bridge Rotterdam

In 2009, the City of Rotterdam commissioned BOOM to make a design for two bridges in ‘Zestienhoven Park’, a park on the north side of the city. Seen through the trees, the visitor always catches a glimpse of these new bridges over the park’s central water feature.


A special (off-white green) coating makes these bridges radiant in the sunlight as they are the “eye-catchers” of the park.

Brug Park Zestienhoven Herfst

BOOM Landscape_brugdoorsnede

The design of the railing of the bridges is inspired by the cel structure of a tiger lily. Through the holes in the pattern, children have one optimal view at the water.


Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Enginering: Jaap Appel
Client: Municipality of Rotterdam
Start design: 2009
Opening: 2012
Status: Completed
Photography: Balázs Bodnar en Gina Kranendonk