Hortus In Anguli

Gardens of Het Roode Koper estate

Nestled in the woods of the Leuvenemse Bos, on the ridge of the Veluwe (central in the Netherlands), lies Het Roode Koper. This 100-year-old estate was named after the red and copper-coloured bark of the pines that grow the area. Het Roode Koper is home to a Michelin-star restaurant and a hotel in the old manor house and its annex buildings. The house overlooks several romantic gardens that merge with the outlying parklands that form the estate – it’s a popular setting for weddings. BOOM Landscape designed a new patio and the extended garden around the pool.




Perpendicular lines

Each garden on the estate has its own character and specific pattern. There is a circle garden and there is the rose garden set in a pentagon. We decided to continue this theme by giving the pool area its own pattern. The rectangular shape of the pool and the L-shaped Poolhouse (bar-restaurant) inspired a pattern of lines angled perpendicularly.

The L-shape was applied repeatedly, starting with the paving stones in contrasting bricks and cream-coloured tiles of 20 x 20 cm Travertine. The strong lines that result give the pool patio a sleek and luxurious feel.

The same L-motif appears in the hedges that continue in lines around the pool garden. The newly planted hedges provide natural partitions for the pool and restaurant terrace, as well as creating a number of private spaces for guests to enjoy.

Client: Private / Estate 't Roode Koper
Location: Municipality Ermelo [NL]
Alignment: Pool Garden design at Country Estate
Area: 1800 m2
Program: pool, terrasses, borders and lighting
Architect Pool House: Loxodrome Design & Innovation