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Roman Bond Collection

BOOM Landscape designed the furniture of the main city boulevard in Vlorë. The furniture, specifically designed for the boulevard, will be primarily placed in the ‘facility strip’ which will be paved with a ‘Roman Paving Bond’. The paving bond, known for being comfortable and strong, has been the inspiration for the design of the versatile family of street furniture, such as a bicycle rack, seating and newspaper kiosk. Vlorë has been known by the Italian name Valona and was an important port of the Roman Empire, when it was part of Epirus Nova. The position of the seating and furniture will provide opportunities for visitors of the boulevard to interact.

Client: Sphaera, Municipality of Vlorë and The Albanian Development Fund (ADF)
In collaboration with Cityförster Urbanism + Architecture
Assignment: transformation of a traffic road into a comfortable city boulevard
Program: pedestrian strip, facility strip with urban street furniture, bus- bike- and car lane
Design team: Philomene van der Vliet, Jan Maas, Mark Spaan and Angelo Renna
Copyright text and images: BOOM Landscape
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