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The Pine Collection

BOOM Landscape designed the furniture for the Landscape Park in Dessel (BE). All pieces are modelled with a 30 x 30 cm beams of exotic wood of the forest near the site. In this way building the furniture does not only provide comfort for visitors and bird watchers it also helps to transform the monotone wood production forrest into a biodiverse and vital forest. The furniture-line consists of a birdwatching screen, picnic table, bike racks, a pedestrian bridge, a bin and a bike storage cube.

meubilair Dessel BOOM

The same wooden beams will be used to develop the playground. Children from the Dessel community will be invited to co-design the playground with BOOM Landscape as we believe the playground will be more fun and better used if we get the young locals involved.

Location: Dessel, Belgium
Client: Niras LARS Architecten en Powerhouse Company
Open Oproep Vlaamsbouwmeester
Status: designed
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