Strings Attached

West of Amsterdam, the polder landscape extends to the city center in a spectacular way! However, this green serpentine, called Brettenscheg, is difficult to reach, unknown and privatized.

BOOM Landscape transformed this forgotten landscape into a Metropolitan Network Park and made a design for six new park ribbons. These ribbons connect the city center of Amsterdam with the Brettenscheg and the coast.

The Metropolitan Park Network improves the quality of life in the city and secures its position at ‘global livability ranking lists’, attracting international companies, headquarters and inhabitans. In the end the Metropolitan Park Network pays for itself.

BOOM landscape_strings attached plankaartBOOM landscape_Collage_lint door volkstuinen

‘Strings Attached’ is a plea for better connections between the city and its surroundings.It increases the quality of life in our cities and creates a support base for our landscape environment at the source.

BOOM landscape_Collage_dijk

Location: Amsterdam, Brettenscheg
Client: -
Start design: 2012
Status: Design