House of Fairytales [DK]

The treasures of 157 fairytales can be found in the layers and spaces between reality and fantasy. The unique power of the stories lies in the integration of these two worlds, from the tiniest of details to global concepts. Using nothing but paper and words, we are invited to discover a legacy in the city of Odense.

House of Fairy Tales inspiration diagram BOOM Landscape

Behind the apparent simplicity of a fairy tale lies a hidden complexity. Most find pleasure in one, some discover more, others search further. So it is with the House of Fairytales. Simply told, a new roofscape merges with the real world above and leads to a subterranean fantasy world. But within these worlds is layer upon layer of hidden meaning, waiting to be discovered yet quite content to remain a mystery.

House of Fairy Tales concept diagram 2 BOOM Landscape.jpg

The world below pops up to tickle the senses as the world above folds down into the earth as a reminder of reality. The heart of the House of Fairytales is the Cabinet of Curiosity, a Wunderkammer of real-life fairy tales, reflected in the world above.

Odense hides a tale in itself. The scene for this story is set in a green oasis, partially framed by old houses with a playful roofscape. A subtle shifting of program to the borders of the site – and to a subterranean world – closes the block & heals the damaged town structure.

House of Fairy Tales winter BOOM Landscape

With the urban embracing of the gardens, the Village of Curious Houses is born. Sculptural roofs are sublimation to the intriguing roofscape of old. Translucent houses blend with the small-scale structure and create gateways to the gardens, announcing the House of Fairytales to all who pass.

House of Fairy Tales evening BOOM Landscape

A secret place is revealed along the new boulevard. A new typology is introduced to the city’s green spaces: The Gardens of Curiosity, soft green rooms, filled with roses, surrounding a mist fountain. Under the fountain lies the Cabinet of Curiosities, the cross-section of fairy tales. A treasure chest for the curious & enrichment for the city.

House of Fairy Tales situationplan2 BOOM LandscapeHouse of Fairy Tales layer diagram BOOM Landscape

Client: Odense City Museums and City of Odense
Status: Competition
Funded by: Realdania Foundation
Location: Odense, Denmark
Year: 2013
In collaboration with: Abbink x Co, Peter Callesen, Concern
Design team: Angie Abbink, Jeanette Amby, Anne Brouwer, Jan Maas, Clair Oude Aarninkhof, Philomene van der Vliet
Program: Museum for Hans Christian Andersen and Public Garden
Park / Garden area: ha.