Calima Lake Resort

A modern and sustainable lake-side resort  

Calima Lake is the biggest water reservoir in South America. On the water’s edge is an outdated resort for which BOOM Landscape redesigned the landscape plan, making it sustainable and modern. The new holiday homes were designed by a team of Colombian architects. The resort is set on a hill next to a jungle and its reception, restaurant and parking lot overlook the homes that cascade in lines down the hill towards the banks of the lake.

Shoreline promenade

Our design focused on the shoreline, where the water levels rise and fall throughout the year. The resort’s waterside location is one of its prime features, so we designed a terraced system of changing pools. A series of ponds and swimming basins retain water when the lake water retreats. The edges of the rocky basins are at the highest water level of the lake. Bordering these pools is a promenade that, at just a fraction higher, always stays dry.


The system of replenishing pools by way of changing water levels is environmentally sound. Water from the hillside and guesthouses flows towards the lake and gets purified along the way by sceptic tanks, water basins and the big promenade pool. The water is even clean enough to use in the bankside swimming pool.

New jungle

We have pulled the jungle itself into the resort. Along with houses of wood, new indigenous trees will be planted and the paths and gardens will be landscaped over plateaus so that the entire ambiance is as green and lush as its surroundings.


Client: Comfandi (private developer)
Location: Calima Lake, Colombia
In collaboration with: Alberto Burckhardt, Carolina Echeverri, Simon Campuzano, Julia Ceballos
Programme: 40 lodges, 128 suites, lake shore promenade, pools and spa
Status: competition
Design: Jan Maas, Roshdy Eltonouby, Philomene van der Vliet, Stathis Zimpounoumis
Water and sustainability consultant: VIC, Andrés Martinez