Due to the ongoing urban development (housing, infrastructure), the expanding of (agricultural) companies and the increase of recreational use, the pressure on the landscape, surrounding our cities, is increasing. To keep the landscape of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA) diverse and dynamical, it is important to develop with care, precision and special attention for quality. On behalf of the government’s Metropolitan Landscape- think tank, BOOM Landscape turned the existing global vision for the landscape of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area into a concrete perspective.

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Up to now, development of the landscape proceeds not so much from a perspective of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, but more from a local and sometimes (sub-) regional perspective. In addition, one often used to work more from a sectoral instead of an integral point of view. Therfore it is important to develop an integral perspective on the metropolitan landscape, that is taken up by all the various parties within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, to which all the individual projects can contribute.

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‘The Landscapes of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area 2040 Project’, creates a set of principles and ground rules, to vitalize the landscape and prepare it for the future. Our project outlines the prospects up to 2040+, on five themes that are important for further development of the MRA landscape. The five themes for the MRA landscape, which includes both perspective as elaboration, are: water, nature, urban functions & infrastructure, recreation & tourism and the productive MRA landscape: agriculture & energy.

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The intention of the project is to join forces and work with a wide group of stakeholders at the improvement and the strengthening of the MRA landscape. To help start the conversation and at the same time, get maximum benefits of the integrated approach, the Planning Department of Amsterdam has developed a game with playing cards and a board. Goal of the game is to formulate new integrated tasks for initiatives, plans and projects in the MRA landscape. It is a tool that helps to speak the same language and get a grip on all different interests and goals that are present in this area, both at an administrative and project content level.

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Both ‘the perspective towards 2040’ and game will be used by managing-directors, administrators, officials and other initiators of projects that affect the metropolitan landscape, so we can actually start working at the quality of the landscape and livability of our metropolitan area.

Client: Province of Noord-Holland, Spatial Quality Advisor Jandirk Hoekstra
Status: Project finished, March 2014
Location: Amsterdam Metropolitan Area
In coöperation with: Planning Department of Amsterdam, Project Team Metropolitan Landscape, David Kloet, Anne Könst, Marijne Beenhakker, Linking pin-club